A Big, FAT, Red Storm!

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On Wednesday night (or should I say Thursday morning) at 1:00 a.m., I had just turned off my laptop, and was about to get ready for bed, when the boat pitched suddenly to port (to the left)…and stayed that way. I dashed up into the cockpit and we had QUITE a blow coming on! That first gust of wind in front of a squall hits hard and fast and this one just kept blowing. Our neighbor registered the wind at 45 knots. By that time, NOBODY in the marina was still asleep!

We added a line from a starboard side piling to the winch in the cockpit to take some of the pressure off the other lines. We then sat down and looked at the sky during each lightning strike, scanning the horizon for a funnel. Then, we ducked down below when big, fat, cold raindrops started pelting us, and checked weather.com. It was a monstrous red blob and I knew we wouldn’t be going to bed anytime soon.

So, we settled down and watched TV while Tanny pitched violently to and fro. An hour later, the wind died down and we were finally able to get some blessed sleep.

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Angela Hoy is a publisher, a blogger, and the author of 19 books. She lived on dirt her entire life before her family gave away almost everything they owned, and moved onto a 52-foot Irwin Center Cockpit Ketch. They all live, work, and play on board full-time.

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