“Buoy Bells?!” A Christmas-in-Florida Sing (and Laugh) Along

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Bet you guys and gals didn’t know that WritersWeekly has amazingly talented songwriters in-house, didja? Ha ha ha…

Buoy Bells

(Sing to the tune of Silver Bells)

Buoy bells (buoy bells), Red tide smells (Red tide smells)
It’s Christmas time in the tropics
Bang-a-lang (Bang-a-lang), Hear them clang (hear them clang)
Why is it 80 degrees?

Sunburned bubble butts, Sweaty beer guts
Dressed in shorts and flip flops
In the air there’s a sound of mosquitoes…

Beach bums laughing, tourists passing (out)
Meeting frowns from local folks
And on every beach blanket you hear

Jimmy Buffet (Jimmy Buffet), Jimmy Buffet (Jimmy Buffet)
I hate that song more than sweat stains
Oh my word (Oh my word), Big bag word! (Big bad word!)
Is that guy’s Speedo see-through?

Strings of cop lights, flashing blue lights
Blinking right in your eyes
As you try to rush home from the beach bar

Hear the boots crunch, on the pavement
Just outside your car door
And just after your Miranda Rights you hear

Watch your head (Watch your head), Lucky you’re not dead (Lucky you’re not dead)
Did you just vomit on my boots?
Snowbirds here (Snowbirds here), Every darned year (Every darned year)
Next year, go skiing instead!

If you, too, have written a funny Christmas parody song, please share it with us in the comments box below! We would LOVE to sing along!!!

All of the elves at WritersWeekly and BookLocker are wishing all of YOU, our smart, funny, talented, and at times whacky (which we LOVE!) readers, a beautiful, blessed, warm, and joyous Christmas!

Now, back to that HUGE tin of Moose Munch Crunch that arrived today!!

Big ho ho hugs!

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